TORWEGGE-intralogistic-solutions Optimised intralogistics with customised conveyor technology projects

TORWEGGE // Intralogistics 2 SOLUTIONS ARE OUR PASSION With TORWEGGE you will find your tailor-made transport solution for material flow optimisation! 1 Beladung mit Hallenstapler 2 Rollenförderer 3 Rollenförderer 4 180˚ Drehtisch mit Rollenförderer 5 Rollenförderer 6 90˚ Drehtisch mit Rollenförderer 7 Rollenförderer mit Winkelübergabe 8 Rollenbahn 9 Materialentnahme mit 4-Zinken-Stapler 4 3 2 1 Loading with fork ift truck ll r conv yor ll r conv yor ° tu ntable with r r conveyor ll r conv yor ° tu ntable with r r conveyor ll r conv yor with a gular t ansfer ll r conveyor i l removal with 4-tine forklift truck

3 ARE YOU PLANNING A NEW LOGISTICS WAREHOUSE OR A NEW PRODUCTION FACILITY? YOU WANT TO OPTIMISE YOUR INTRALOGISTICS? ARE YOU LOOKING FOR POTENTIAL FOR IMPROVEMENT? ?On the following pages we would like to give you an overview of our competences with some reference examples. TORWEGGE projects solves your problem and finds the perfect intralogistics solution for your business. For our conveyor systems and material flow solutions, we draw on our TORWEGGE standards conveyor technology and put it into new contexts. From wire mesh boxes to pallets and small load carriers etc., our systems transport your goods safely. Counting pillars /scanner for scanning the goods on the EU pallets 8 9 6 7 5

WILOS KOMPLETTE INTRALOGISTIK VON TORWEGGE 1 THE CHALLENGE WIL S INTRALOGISTICS FROM TORWEGGE Wilo SE is one of the world‘s leading manufacturers of pumps and pump systems for water supply and air-conditioning technology. The pumps can weigh up to 2 tonnes and therefore place a high ergonomic burden on the employee. In addition, the goal was to decouple certain work steps from the strict production line in the course of autonomisation and thus increase efficiency. Torwegge has taken up this challenge and developed designed and supplied driven conveyor systems including lift tables and belt conveyors.

5 In order to decouple the„supermarket“ - where the individual components of the pumps are buffered - from the production line, TORWEGGE supplied several driven roller conveyors. TORWEGGE has supplied several driven roller conveyors which are loaded with the components at the upper end of the supermarket area. Instead of an energy-sapping transport to the assembly stations, AGVs regularly drive into the buffer zone to dock with the conveyor system and give a signal to start the idlers. The parts are then transported to the appropriate places in production. Since it was not allowed to drill into the floor in Wilo‘s production halls, the entire production was built at a height. As a result, employees often work on assembly platforms. For ergonomic optimisation of the workplace lifting tables from TORWEGGE are used. TORWEGGE projects also designed the feeding system for the packaging station. OUR SOLUTION

THE CHALLENGE OPTIMISATION OF THE PRODUCTION LINE AT ADP GAUSELMANN After the East Westphalian gaming machine manufacturer expanded its configuration area with an additional assembly hall, it was looking for the right system for the internal material flow. The requirement was for a fully automatic transport system that would cover all intralogistics requirements as cost-effectively and risk-free as possible, and would also allow the smooth connection to the conveyor systems of the logistics service provider.

7 With a holistic assembly management system, we then presented a sustainable concept that significantly simplifies the assembly work and transport of the slot machines. Finally, a customised solution was installed, consisting of various components which, in accordance with the TORWEGGE modular principle, interlock and meet the highest quality standards. and meet the highest quality standards. OUR SOLUTION

OPTIMIERUNG DES WARENEIN- UND AUSGANGS BEI SCHAEFFLER Die Herausforderung: Schaeffler war auf der Suche nach einem Spezialisten für maßgeschneiderte Lösungen aus Rädern und Rollen, Fördertechnik-Elementen sowie individuell angetriebenen und nicht angetriebenen Förder- und Transportanlagen. In der Intralogistik setzt der börsennotierte Zulieferer der Automobil- und Maschinenbauindustrie auf moderne Abläufe. THE CHALLENGE OPTIMISATION OF INCOMING AND OUTGOING GOODS AT SCHAEFFLER Schaeffler was looking for a specialist for customised solutions consisting of wheels and rollers, conveyor technology elements as well as individually driven and non-driven conveyor and transport systems. In intralogistics, the listed supplier to the automotive and mechanical engineering industry relies on modern processes.

9 For Schaeffler, we installed a customised material flow system for incoming and outgoing goods that ensures the smooth delivery and removal of goods. This was planned and developed by our experienced team on the basis of an analysis of the existing processes. We then used many components to design the individual conveyor system, which is perfectly matched to Schaeffler‘s requirements and objectives. Among other things, we automated the incoming and outgoing goods with an overhead chain conveyor. You can see what this looks like here: In addition, we have also installed a scissor roller conveyor in the goods receiving area at Schaeffler. This can be extended and pushed together, similar to an accordion. This enables flexible use, so that the packages are conveniently transported from the roller door to the packing table. OUR SOLUTION ↷

TORWEGGE // Intralogistics 10 From the Euro pallet to the pallet cage to the chemical pallet – TORWEGGE offers you the optimal solution for the transport of any load carrier. Pallet roller rails Carrying castor with approach protection Multi Transfer System (MTS)

11 NO MATTERWHICH BASE: THE LOAD IS SAFE Universal roller rails with various configuration options Whether load carriers made of solid wood, pressed wood, plastic or cardboard with short, wide, narrow feet or continuous runners; whether common or special dimensions, whether heavy or delicate loads: we have, for sure, the right transport device for your requirements. Load carriers allow safe and fast transport within the company, but in order to really guarantee the safety of the load carrier and its contents, the roller rail must be matched to the feet of the load carrier. So that they are in contact and the goods to be transported do not tip over, and so that the goods to be of the goods to be transported is achieved. Therefore, the distances between the roller rails or the conveyor rollers are individually adapted to the load carriers by our experts. Regardless of the type of load and the requirement, please see the following pages! Multi Transfer System (MTS)

TORWEGGE // Intralogistics 12 The MTS - for demanding load carriers Our reliable multi-transfer system is suitable for the transport of different load carriers - such as heavy pallet cages, pallets, JIT and JIS racks. With small roller spacing and high load capacities, we realise high load capacities on the smallest support points. Versions staggered ball bearings 6300-2RS Castors Ø 38 mm in standard lengths 60/100/146 mm Castors Ø 42 mm in standard length 100 mm Areas of application Conveyor systems Storage technology (FiFo) Mechanical engineering Assembly stations Material supply and removal and much more Multitransfer rail standard Wheels: Bearing 6300-2RS in staggered arrangement Side cheeks galvanised as standard Temperature resistance up to max. 120 °C Load capacity: max. 345kg per ball bearing Multitransfer rail heavy duty Carrying rollers: with deep groove ball bearing 6200-RS Standard version: Support rollers in bright steel, side cheeks lacquered Load capacity: max. 200 kg per castor

13 Transport equipment with a suboptimal base (e.g. wire mesh boxes, racks with different foot shapes, etc.) can be incorporated into a logistics system with our reliable MTS. With our complete solutions individually adapted to your needs, you leave nothing to chance. Benefit from the assessment of your operating conditions and factors, such as the suitability of the conveyed goods for the roller conveyor, you can benefit from our wide-ranging experience.

TORWEGGE // Intralogistics 14 Transport solutions for special load carriers Our robust pallet and heavy-duty roller rails are, thanks to their stable profiles and powerful rollers the ideal solution for heavy goods, such as EURO pallets, industrial pallets, wire mesh boxes, etc. Versions Steel rollers in Ø 50 and 60mm Deep groove ball bearing 6204-2RS Polyamide and polyurethane castors Steel castors with PVC impingement hose profile raised on one side and much more Areas of application Storage technology (FiFo, LiFo) Flow racks Flow storage Conveyor lines Connection of several workstations Pallet roller rails up to 160kg/roll Our pallet roller rails are flexible and can be used in a variety of combinations. For example, our one-sided raised profile serves as a stable side guide, and with a bend in the task area, a safe delivery of the transported goods is also achieved. PVC coatings are particularly suitable for transporting sensitive goods. End stops, bases and other accessories complete our product range. “The roller rails are customised in the length and length and pitch you require.” Collision protection: Load-bearing roller made of deep groove ball bearing. Our roller made of deep groove ball bearings is robust and effective. Especially in the where high forces occur, this collision protection comes into its own. Also available in silicone-free on request!

15 Our comprehensive programme for pallet and pallet cage transport enables the best possible and cost-effective solution for your application. Together with you, we decide which roller rails to use. From many individual components, it is easy to design an efficient overall system can be designed, which is specially tailored to you and allows an optimal solution. Benefit from our many years of experience in pallet transport.

TORWEGGE // Intralogistics 16 “We also provide the rolls and rollers in individual colours for your project!” RU20 Our roll U-strips are also available one size larger for heavier loads and a more stable stand. RU13 Thanks to their low overall height, our U-shaped skirting boards are optimally suitable for heavy loads in confined spaces! Coordination in form, function & colour Heavy duty roller rails up to 1,000 kg/roll Our heavy-duty roller rails are our strongest with load capacities up to 1,000 kg per roll. Depending on the task, polyamide (white) or polyurethane (orange) are available for the roller surface. Universal roller rails up to 40 kg/roll Series US-NR08 with polyurethane rollers and ball bearings, for the transport of sensitive goods, e.g. glass.


TORWEGGE // Intralogistics 18 The solid gravity roller conveyors Our solid gravity roller conveyors optimise your internal transport from light products to heavy goods. Areas of application Production Storage technology (FiFo, LiFo) Goods receipt Packing and picking tables Shipping Conveyor lines and much more Small and light roller conveyors Choose between steel or plastic support rollers, diameters of 20, 30 and 50 mm, various track widths, pitches and lengths. We are also happy to manufacture roller conveyors made of stainless steel. A wide range of accessories complements and simplifies your application. Standard elements are available for immediate delivery. Heavy duty roller conveyors Choose between the following diameters of the galvanised steel rollers 50, 60, 80 and 89mm. All idlers have ball bearings and allow load capacities of 200 –1,250 kg/m. The load capacity depends on the track width, the pitch and the distance between the supports. Ball transfer tables Ball transfer tables are individually manufactured in any size according to your application. The standard version with ball Ø 15mm is designed for material weights up to 40 kg/piece. In case of a combination with roller and wheel conveyors, the design is adapted to the corresponding system. The material to be conveyed must have an even, flat, closed, dry and pressure-stable subfloor, dry and pressure-stable subfloor. Versions Small roller conveyors Lightweight roller conveyors Roller conveyors Heavy duty roller conveyors All-side roller conveyors Ball transfer tables Scissor roller and scissor roller conveyors “Also available as spare parts.”

19 On request, we can provide you with complete solutions individually adapted to your needs and support you as early as the planning phase of your project. Benefit from our wide-ranging experience when assessing your operating conditions and influencing factors, such as the roller conveyor suitability of the conveyed goods, and leave nothing to chance.

TORWEGGE // Intralogistics 20 The single-purpose belt conveyors Our single-purpose belt conveyors are ideal conveyor systems for your transport goods that cannot be conveyed on roller conveyors or chain conveyors due to the contact surface, but still need to be moved continuously. They optimise the internal material flow and increase productivity within your company. Versions Conveyors Steep conveyors Filling hopper Articulated belt conveyor Trough conveyor Conveyor belt curve much more Conveyor belt TO-FB 040 (ID no.: 0028343) - standard version Belt frame made of aluminium profile 40 × 40mm (ITEM-compatible) Overall height 43mm Conveyor belt made of PVC in the colour petrol Worm gear motor 230/400 V, 50 Hz, 3 Ph, 90 Watt Drive mounted laterally at the beginning/end of the belt on the right or left (please specify) Belt speed constant m/min: 2.4/3.8/6.4/9.5/12.6/18.9/25.3/37.8 Belt load: approx. 70 N/m Standard centre distances: 500, 750, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000, 2,500, 3,000 mm Belt widths: 35, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 600mm Areas of application Conveyor systems Assembly stations Goods transport and much more Conveyor belt TO-FB 080 (ID no.: 0028344) - standard version

21 Alignment to the individual case Our standard conveyor belt for the conveyor belts is made of petrol-coloured PVC. Other belt designs, such as with nubs, cleats or made of polyurethane, are possible on request. The design and layout of the belt conveyor depends on the goods to be transported and the application. We support you as early as the planning phase of your project. Benefit from the diverse experience of our competent team when assessing your operational influencing factors.

TORWEGGE // Intralogistics 22 Your project request How can we help you? You have a specific application and need a comprehensive conveyor system. TORWEGGE projects will be pleased to advise you individually and to design an an intralogistic solution according to your ideas! What we need from you a concrete description of the application any cycle times that need to be adhered to? Number of shifts in your company Exact description of the goods to be transported (incl. dimensions and weight) External influencing factors (such as environmental conditions and soil composition) Are there already precise wishes and ideas for the type of conveyor technology? Is your system to be driven? What conveying speed should this system be based on? Desired date of completion of the plant Intended budget for the complete system Download our project enquiry form now and let us advise you: 0800 9341700 We look forward to receiving your enquiries. Live-Chat Alternatively we invite you to use the the live chat in our webshop.

23 With nine expert advisors throughout Germany, we are always quickly on site at any time and can respond to your to your individual needs. Arrange your consultation consultation appointment directly! In urgent cases, our office staff can be reached quickly by phone or Live-Chat. Our service // We are here for you!


25 REALISATION PLANNING INITIAL SITUATION WE YOU Problem/ Situation analysis Requirements clarification/ Requirements specification Idea generation/ Concept CAD plans Concept meeting Offer Implementation planning Delivery & Assembly Coordination of all participants Commissioning & Training Service 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Holistic process automation systems in intralogistics and production are our passion. We have over ten years of experience in consulting, project planning and general contracting for intralogistics solutions. This makes us a strong partner for the development and implementation of future-oriented technical systems, some of which involve high technologies. Our customers appreciate the high quality standards we set when building the systems. Well-trained specialists work in our production facilities in Europe, so that we always have an eye on the work processes and can carry out effective quality controls.

TORWEGGE // Intralogistics 26 Do you already know our other catalogs? Are you interested in wheels and castors, conveyor technology or handling and transport technology? Then take a look at our other catalogues, which you can receive as a print copy on request or find online as a flip catalogue in our media centre. individuals standards projects Our large standard range offers you a a wide range of products for daily use - available directly from stock. DO YOU REGULARLY REQUIRE STANDARD PRODUCTS IN THE FIELD OF WHEELS AND CASTORS, CONVEYING OR HANDLING TECHNOLOGY? Our TORWEGGE individuals team develops innovative solutions for your applications together with you in order to optimise your material flow! CUSTOMISED?! OUR STANDARD PRODUCTS DO NOT COVER YOUR OPERATING CONDITIONS? NO PROBLEM! Thanks to many years of experience and expertise in the our project team is optimally positioned and and is at your side at all times from conception to implementation at any time and will develop the optimal solution with you! PROJECT INTRALOGISTICS?! YOU WOULD LIKE TO PLAN A COMPLETE PLANT FROM A-Z? STANDARD GOODS?! Wheels & Castors Conveyor technology Handling and transport technology Not yet found the optimal material flow solution? The three divisions of our TORWEGGE group offer the right solution for every problem:

WHEELS & CASTORS CONVEYOR TECHNOLOGY TRANSPORTATION & MATERIALS HANDLING SYSTEMS Wheels Carrier rollers Spring balancer/balancer Electrically conductive Ball transfer Lifting tables Standard castors up to 1,250 kg Roller conveyors Machine transport Heavy-duty castors up to 10,000 kg Roller tracks C-tracks 1,250 kg 10,000 kg Stainless steel Conveyor wheels Transportation devices Pneumatic wheels & castors Slewing rings and rotary joints Protective grid Special solutions Special solutions Special solutions Stainless

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